Our Team

“We staff our salon with stylists who love people and want to make the guest feel good.”

At Continental 109 our main focus is the client.  Our belief is the client is the most important person that enters our salon.  Delivering excellent service and the highest quality of professional products, over and above the client's expectations, is the way we earn customer loyalty.

Training is provided weekly for all the stylists by Mark DeVincenzo and training team. Ongoing training assures that our stylists renew their approach on a regular basis, staying current with the newest methods and techniques.

Consistency and communication assures that each of our talented stylists is equally skilled in Continental 109 technique, and in understanding the client's needs. You can be confident that any member of our team will provide the same expertise for the perfect style or color.

The opportunity to learn keeps our techniques fresh, sparks imagination, and benefits each guest. For all of us, creating beauty and wellbeing is more than a business, it is a way of life.